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    No Service with Straight Talk? Try this trick.

    Richard just helped me with this issue, so I thought I'd repost it under the tips section. Hopefully he doesn't mind!

    No matter how many times I restarted my phone, my data 4G icon would not come back on. Here is how you can get it back:

    1. Go into your APN settings. Should be somewhere under Mobile Networks and then go to Access Point Names. You should see your Straight Talk APN (make sure it's the one that is selected.) If you have another APN setting in there (such as one for AT&T) CLICK THAT ONE (yes I know sounds goofy, but just do it.) Then hit your back button. Next, go back into your APN settings, select your Straight Talk APN setting again, then go back all the way to your home screen. Give it 15 seconds and see if it reconnects. If still nothing, try a restart and see if it works then. Also trying turning airplane mode on and then off. Only do these two last options after you've selected your AT&T APN and then going back in and re-select your Straight Talk APN.

    2. If step one doesn't work above, try deleting your Straight Talk APN setting and re-entering it.

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    Tried this; still doesn't work.