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    How to test your Straight Talk internet speed

    As most of you with a Straight Talk smartphone might now, the SpeedTest.net app does not work. It looks like Straight Talk blocks this app with their proxy. In order to get around this you can download the Internet Speed Test from the Play store. Look for it on your phone, or follow this link to the store.

    Hopefully this helps!

    I get about 1.5Mbps - 3.0Mbps here in Twin Cities. Although, AT&T LTE is rolling out in Minneapolis / St. Paul area soon, and with the new iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Samsung Galaxy Note II being LTE compatible, I'm hoping that'll free up a lot of bandwidth and increase my speeds even more on the HSDPA+ network! haha, yay for me!
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    Thanks a lot! This worked wonderfully